What happens when you have a ski resort, it’s the skiing season, but there’s not enough snow?

The answer is you deploy an ingenious monitoring solution in R-DNA that can interact with other hardware to provide a true IoT (Internet of Things) solution.

water to snow

This very scenario was recently put to us by our partners at Van Walt. The requirement was to have R-DNA monitor a nearby river. Once the flow rate and water levels reach an acceptable point, R-DNA will trigger a relay switch to “switch on” a snow generating device – and of course provide the facility in reverse once river levels and flow rate drop.

Using R-DNA Assist hardware which via the R-DNA software, two way automated communication is possible via the cloud and based on intelligent rules set within the R-DNA dashboard. Obviously the ability to react to data values and send triggers accordingly opens up a world of opportunity if you wish to take your data monitoring to the next level – offering cloud based automated systems at incredibly low cost.

If you have a system that needs monitoring and automating from “the cloud” then please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.


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