We’re delighted to launch our new look web site and branding; the R-DNA software however remains as flexible, functional and cost-effective as ever. That’s not to say that the software too hasn’t seen some excellent functional updates of late.


We’ve recently provided facility to display “calculated” data based on single or multiple inputs applied within any given formulae. This further extends the flexibility of R-DNA and doesn’t limit you to viewing / working with raw data values only.

A recent joint project with our partner Van Walt necessitated R-DNA to trigger relay switches based on data reaching certain levels. Functionality has been added (when used in conjunction with one of our compatible hardware solutions) to send triggers based on data values. In real terms on this occasion meant R-DNA analysing river water levels and automatically enabling (by use of the relay) a snow generating device once river water reaches a certain point (or disabling when water fell back below the acceptable level). It’s clear this opens pathways to fully control remote device functions from the R-DNA cloud in a variety of other scenarios.

There have been a multitude of other functions recently added also, including ability to “forward” raw data onto 3rd party servers, ability to manually FTP data to R-DNA to provide a one stop shop for all your data collection requirements and several minor features to improve administrative control.

There are several further major feature updates slated for release within the next 9 months – based on feedback from our clients; including a trend based analysis tool and iOS and Android apps for improved messaging. We actively encourage all of our clients to provide us with feedback in terms of what they would like to see included as features within the software. These are either included as feature requests or for more “niche” requirements we can alternatively quote for any bespoke options which can be applied through our plugin portal.

R-DNA founder and Mandar Solutions, Commercial Director Tom Bathurst said “We’ve seen our R-DNA client base grow significantly in the past two years and our goal now is to provide the go-to-service for data collection and monitoring. Our aim is now to target those users who seek a robust, cost effective, flexible, cloud based solution particularly as an alternative to needlessly complex, costly SCADA solutions”.

If you have any data collection and monitoring requirements; ranging from a single measurement collected daily, to pseudo real time data collection requirements based across an entire campus or worldwide then R-DNA is the solution for you.

Please contact our sales team on sales@mandar.co.uk or 01256 462552.

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