R-DNA and Facilities Management are a match made in heaven. Imagine you are responsible for the upkeep of multiple properties or estates, where it is essential that you react and respond to the requirements of those buildings in a timely fashion.

Through R-DNA’s customisable dashboard, alert based system and integration with a wide variety of hardware, data-loggers and sensors, those offering Facilities Management Services can keep in touch with their properties and be pro-actively warned to any changes that may occur.

It is possible to monitor all elements within a facility from Alarm Systems to IT Infrastructure or from Air Conditioning and Room Temperature to Water Systems. You can even use R-DNA to meet legislation on such requirements for monitoring such as those required for Legionella. The only limit to what you can monitor is your imagination.

Facilities Management

If you wish to be notified of any changes of data values, R-DNA offers fully customisable alarms to notify you of changes either via Email, SMS or pushed through the R-DNA Android / iOS app.

All collected data and alarms are exportable in a number of formats for archiving and call record keeping compliance you may have to undertake. Retaining data online within R-DNA is fully customisable to meet your requirements.

How often data is collected and monitored is also completely customisable ranging from every minute to once per day so this can be tailored to suit your budget and specific requirements.

As a Facilities Management company, you can significantly reduce the time spent travelling between and visiting properties. Let R-DNA do the hard work for you.

If you wish to speak with us regarding R-DNA please call on 01256 462552 or sales@mandar.co.uk

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