As the last of any warm weather disappears here in the UK, and autumn starts to make an appearance, the chilly mornings have prompted us to discuss the use of our R-DNA monitoring system for weather and temperature monitoring requirements.

Weather monitoring plays an important role in human life, so the collection of information about weather changes is very important.

Weather – is generally noted on a day to day basis, with attention to particular daily changes in the patterns that bring rain, high winds, cold temperatures, etc. locally.

Climate – is the overall weather over time. It gives information about typical seasonal patterns, or patterns generally found in a large geographical area. We use this information to generalize and describe weather in an area over time.

Weather & Temperature Monitoring

From keeping our roads safe (melting or frozen roads), to sport, leisure, travel in the air or by water, there are a multitude of reasons why there is a requirement for weather and/or temperature monitoring. Perhaps you are thinking ahead to the summer months and would like to monitor the water levels or cleanliness of your swimming pool?

R-DNA’s software solution can be combined with a multitude of telemetry devices and sensors so that it can be used in virtually any monitoring scenario.  Indeed, it can act as a cloud based weather station, monitoring not only temperature, but wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity and pressure.  We already have live examples of R-DNA doing exactly that, and offering our clients a cost effective cloud based pseudo real-time monitoring system that is user intuitive and provides an effective solution for their needs.


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