We are able to offer a fully customised software and hardware solution to address all of your Legionella Monitoring & Control requirements.

If you are the Duty Holder involved in Environmental Health, Healthcare Estate Management or through a Facilities Management organisation, R-DNA provides you with a fully customisable data monitoring and pseudo real-time alert system to help you with your duty to control the Legionella Bacteria in your Water Systems.

R-DNA can in most cases be set up to utilise existing hardware installations, and where that is not possible we are able to provide, install and fully configure a wide range of monitoring devices and sensors.

For further information on Legionella and your responsibilities we recommend you review technical guidance documents provided by the Health & Safety Executive
L8HC and HSG274

To assist in the control of Legionella outbreaks, we look to monitor various aspects of the Hot Water System, Storage Tanks and Pipework to aid the prevention and provide reliable proof of compliance with HSG guidelines, but most critically;

  • Cold and hot Water Temperature (Warning of water temperatures approaching or breaching recommended levels)
  • Possibility of proactive automated control such as instigation of flushing cycles.
  • Water Flow
  • Tank turnover
  • Compliance with flushing regimes.

Other key considertations as to why R-DNA should be your solution for Legionella monitoring;

  • Suitable for a few readings in many small buildings
  • Suitable as a lower cost alternative to expanding a BMS system or an easily administered and configured enhancement for larger more complex sites.
  • Suitable Joining many sites big and small together to give the same level of monitoring and protection for all buildings in an organisation while allowing dashboards, reports and alarms to be administered at a local or departmental level.

You can read more about how we have this system working in the NHS at Poole Hospital in our case study Automating Legionella Control

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